Improving Appliance Reliability

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4 Tools To Increase The Life Of Your Refrigerator

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Whether you’ve just invested in a new refrigerator or you’ve been given a hand-me-down from grandma’s estate, you want your item to last as long as possible. Most refrigerators come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty to cover defects, and they extend anywhere from 90 days to five years. But with these four simple tools and some routine maintenance, consumers can greatly extend the life of their refrigerator, making their investment last up to 20 years or longer. Read More»

4 Ways to Remedy Uneven Cooling in Your Home

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When it comes to cooling your house, you don’t want to experience uneven cooling. Uneven cooling means that the temperature in your home is not consistent. This is a widespread problem for multilevel homes, with even central air sometimes being unable to consistently cool the entirety of the house in a coherent manner. Don’t fret, however. There are plenty of ways to ameliorate this situation. Thankfully, a few are listed throughout the course of this brief article. Read More»