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Common Refrigerator Parts That Often Need Replacing

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No matter how old or new your refrigerator may be, chances are that you'll need to replace some of its parts eventually. Fortunately, many refrigerator parts are inexpensive, and a trusted dealer who offers fridge parts at terrific prices can supply you with exactly what you need. Here are some of the most common refrigerator parts that you may need to replace at some point.


Sometimes referred to as the air damper, this part is responsible for controlling the flow of cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator. When the diffuser starts to malfunction, less cold air will be allowed to circulate into your refrigerator, and this could cause some of the food inside your refrigerator to spoil faster because of the warmer air temperature.

Evaporator Fan Motor

Another reason why your refrigerator isn't staying cool enough may be a problem with the evaporator fan motor. This may be especially the case if you notice that your freezer stays cold while the inside of your refrigerator is warm. Another telltale sign that your evaporator fan motor needs to be replaced is if your refrigerator starts running louder than it should, and this sound may be even more noticeable when you open the door.

Defrost Timer

If you have a basic or an older refrigerator model, your appliance likely uses a defrost timer to control the defrosting function. This timer is responsible for controlling the electrical current that flows to the hermetically sealed compressor and defrost heating elements. Having an old or otherwise faulty defrost timer replaced will allow your refrigerator to defrost with greater efficiency. 

Water Inlet Valve

A leaking refrigerator is a sign that your water inlet valve may need to be replaced. This part is responsible for distributing water into the refrigerator dispenser and ice maker. If you hear strange noises coming from your refrigerator, your water inlet valve may have developed mineral deposits that are hindering its performance, and the only way to remedy this problem is to replace the part.

Ice Maker

The ice maker itself may also be giving you trouble, and this part can usually be replaced easily and inexpensively. You should consider replacing this part if your current ice maker doesn't dispense enough ice or is making too much ice.

You'll likely notice a big difference in how your refrigerator functions after you've gotten rid of the troublesome parts and replaced them with new ones. Replacing the old or damaged parts of your refrigerator will allow your unit to work with greater efficiency so that you won't have to continue experiencing problems when using it. Contact a company that sells refrigerator parts to learn more.